“Dear Stephen,

Joe and I just got to view the photos this past weekend. We sincerely thank you so very much for the beautiful photos!! The photos were so exceptionally amazing! They brought tears to my eyes. That feeling came back to me of the first time I saw your work the first time we spoke. You have such talent and are in a league of your own. Perhaps because you give yourself emotionally to the process which does show and makes you unique.
All the best!

Andrea & Joe”



“We got the HD - the pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for everything, we’ve been reliving the day through your images -wonderful. Hope all is well with you, and keep us posted on your shows, etc. All the best!

- Andrew and Jeanine”



“Grazie Molto! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

John & Barbara”



“Hey Stephen,

They’re AWESOME! It was like a flood looking through them, the emotions and memories were overwhelming. I’m so glad you shot our wedding. The character you capture in every shot is priceless. I can’t wait to look through them again. I will prepare myself for the phone calls. Everyone is going to love them. How was Reno? Will call later tonight to say thanks again.

Thanks a million,
Kelly S.”




The pictures arrived and they are so amazing! I am completely blown away by how you were able to capture exactly what I had envisioned.
My parents think that they are reminiscent of Diane Arbus’s work.
I can’t thank you enough...you are truly an amazing and extremely talented man!




“We love every shot you took, and the care, not to mention talent it took to capture it. 

Erica W.”



“Dear Stephen,

Thanks for everything. Your photos were great!

Irene S.”



“Hi Steve you’re the BEST thank you.

Suzie H.”



“Thanks again for all of the great photos. We treasure them.

Karen N.”



“Stephen, looking at your new photos...have to tell you again how amazing you are...you certainly have a creative eye!

Marcus and Leslie”